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Child Care

Financial Assistance For Families

Learn about state child care assistance programs that are funded through the National Child Care and Development Fund which is a national program that assists low-income families.

Health Insurance

For Your Children

Your son or daughter may qualify for no-cost or low-cost health insurance. Learn how to apply for affordable health insurance through the Children’s Health Insurance Program known as CHIP. CHIP covers children whose families do not otherwise qualify for Medicaid but can’t afford to buy health insurance.


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Medical Bankruptcy

Injured And Out Of Money

For most people the cost of medical insurance is paid for by the employer. Should you lose your job, you also run the risk of losing your medical insurance. Should you later be injured and unable to work, you can find yourself in financial hardship, bankrupt and at risk of being rendered homeless.

Public Housing

Section 8 Housing Vouchers

There are different types of Section 8 housing programs. The most accepted and widely used among them is the Housing Choice Voucher program. This federal program serves over two million impoverished households annually. Learn about the public housing application process, eligibility and availability near you.

Homeless Shelters

Day And Transitional Shelters

In the past, homelessness was usually associated with the mentally ill. Not anymore. Today, homelessness cuts across a much wider spectrum of people. Today, it is financial hardship that is driving homelessness to new levels. And rarely if ever does homelessness occur in isolation.

Community Health Centers

Low Cost Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Community Health Centers are community-based patient-directed organizations that serve people that have little or no income and have limited access to basic health care services. Learn about eligibility and locations near you.

Free Legal Aid

Discount Legal Services

While there are legal lenders that will lend you money for attorney fees and services, there are also legal aid and discount legal services available for free for those that qualify in areas such as tenant rights, eviction, foreclosure, bankruptcy and family law matters.

Food Banks and Pantries

Fighting Hunger

Hunger levels have been reaching disturbing new levels and according to the US Census among the ranks of the hungry are 16 million children nationwide. As a result there has been a growing need for more food banks and pantries across the country. Learn where to find food banks and pantries as well as where and how to apply for food stamp assistance.

Fighting Eviction

Tenant Rights

If you know your legal rights as a tenant, you might be able to fight off eviction while you make other living arrangements. This article looks at the landlord-tenant eviction process and the homeless resources that are available to people that have no place to go after the eviction process is over.

Stop Home Foreclosure

Avoiding Homelessness

One of the best ways of avoiding homelessness is to hold on to your home for as long as legally possible while you are seeking new employment. One way you might be able to stop the impending home foreclosure process is to demand the lender legally prove ownership of the property before a court of law.

More Services

Financial Hardship - Emergency Assistance

GotTrouble provides fast-and-easy-access to statewide emergency homeless shelters, food banks and pantries, low income housing, cash assistance, food stamp information, legal and financial counseling services. To locate these and other local services select your state from the list below:

Hot Topics

Qualifying For Food Stamps

Given America's money troubles including the lack of available credit, rising unemployment, foreclosures and now, a declining value in the U.S. dollar, millions of Americans are now for the very first time reaching out for social assistance - and there is no assistance more basic and fundamental then providing food to America’s hungry....

Social Security Benefits – FAQ

Depleted state budgets and federal financial aid programs are leaving most indigent state residents in financial turmoil. Financial aid, whether from federal or state budgets, are woefully inadequate and are leaving most indigent people without ready access to badly needed social security benefits, including supplemental benefits earmarked for the most needy among us. In the meantime, the Congressional Budget office projected the Social Security Program is likely to have a $10 billion dollar deficit in 2010 and lose another $9 Billion dollars in 2011...

Seller Financed Lending
Easy-To-Sell and Easy-To-Buy

If you need to sell your home in today’s market be prepared for a long, expensive and painful process. However, property sellers who want to both obtain their desired price and close on the deal quickly should consider seller financing. Seller financing is a powerful tool to remedy real estate sales that otherwise would never get done. Learn the benefits and risks of private home lending ...

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